Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Earthquakes and Hurricanes.

Sarah and I were out and about today when I got a text from Steve asking, “Feel the earthquake?”

I had no earthly idea what he could possibly be referring to and I told Sarah, “Text him back and say ‘huh?’” 

Turns out he had been sitting on the couch in his office at church when he started feeling “dizzy.”  And then his couch started shaking.  And then he wondered if maybe his blood pressure was going wacky because if there’s one thing we North Carolinians don’t think about when things start shaking, it’s earthquakes.

But yep.  In this case it was an earthquake.  We had earthquake tremors in Manteo, NC.  How strange is that?

And now we have a (potentially serious) hurricane headed toward us this weekend. 

Oh happy day.

In non-weather news, Sarah had a really wonderful birthday—it was quite low key since she had done her wild partying with her three friends two weeks ago.  (And I use the term “wild partying” very loosely.)  

I have plenty of pictures and stories to share but for now I am taking my weary self off to bed where hopefully I will have deep, dreamless, and earthquake-less sleep.

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Anonymous said...

I will refrain from quoting ANYTHING from the book of Revelation. :<0 I didn't feel anything here, but I was in the grocery store, probably trying to figure out the best deal on bread or something, so it passed me by. But the hurricane? Why yes.. you need to listen to the warnings on that one; my mind went STRAIGHT to you when I started really reading up on it today. Praying that it won't even strike a glancing blow....

Anonymous said...

AAAAAAAAANNNNNDDDDD... even though I wished it on Facebook>.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH!!!!!!!!!!!

Marysienka said...

We felt the earth shaking here as well! And it's not as if we were neighbors hehehe ;)
Hope the hurricane isn't too bad though.

Debbie said...

Please take the hurricane warning seriously. Stock up on water and canned goods that can be eaten without cooking. Fill your cars up with gas NOW! I have been through many hurricanes here in the FL Panhandle. Ivan and Dennis hit us in 2004 and 2005. When Ivan hit, it was really bad. There was no gas at any gas station anywhere around. Make sure you fill up now in case you have to evacuate. You don't want to be sitting in a 2 mile long line to get gas and have the customer in front of you get the last drop there is. Honestly, that happened to me when we were trying to evacuate for Ivan. I prayed that the quarter tank I had would get us far enough out of harm's way to the Interstate where all the stations had jacked up the prices because they knew all of us evacuees would pay anything because we had to get away. After the storm, we were without power for 2 weeks, gas stations were shut down, we stood in long, hot lines for a bag of ice. Thank goodness for whoever (whom ever?) thought of the idea to give out cases of MREs. We lived on them for several weeks, even after the power came back on because the water was not drinkable, and I had a gas stove. The gas lines were all turned off by the county in case of a leak and a spark...
After the gas stations opened back up, it was a real nightmare. Back to sitting in lines that were miles long because there was usually only one gas station every 20 miles that had gas. There were police officers there to make sure there was no violence due to the shortage of gas, and to keep people from trying to fill up 50 gallon drums they had in the back of their pickup trucks to run their generators. The rest of us just needed gas to get to work, if your place of business was still there. Again, I sat in long lines to find the customer in front of me get the last drop. When we saw a gas station that was open, we called all of our friends to let them know to high tail it down there. I'm not being dramatic or exaggerating. Every word is true. I pray it does not hit where you are, you are all safe, and that your home does not sustain any damage. If you stock up on canned goods and water, no waste, you can eat them anyway. Don't wait till the last minute to get to the grocery store. The shelves will be bare and the lines will be long. People will be fighting for the last case of water. Also, make sure to bring bottled water for Snowy, and if you can find one of those things they make for dogs that are a bottle that you fill with water, and when he needs a drink, you tip it up and the water goes into a little built in bowl. That thing was a lifesaver when we evacuated! Keep your eye on the Weather Channel and if you see Jim Catore in your area, get out of town, lol. (That's a big joke around here.) Praying for your family's safety and that Irene turns back out to sea and doesn't hit anyone.

Shannon said...

WOW....Debbie paints a sad picture. In Nebraska we don't have hurricanes, but we do have tornados, that have destroyed towns to the ground.
I will keep you and everyone living on the east coast in my prayers this misses you all and goes back out to open waters!

Nancy Irving said...

I felt the earthquake here in Toronto as well, wasn't too bad but sure enough to feel it. It was strange the shaking made me feel nauseus and dizzy. I too thought it was my blood pressure and that I was not well until everyone else in my office said they felt the same way. Hope you are all safe from the hurricane, I will be thinking of you all. Be safe.

Nancy Irving
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

MaryH said...

Earthquakes and Hurricans, OH MY! Seriously, not fun - either one - so batten down the hatches and hope for no more shaking earth - in the middle of the country, we were spared this earthquake (THIS TIME) and never get the real brunt of hurricanes, but what we have gotten from the remenants of some is enough for me - so, Sarah's birthday sure stirred up Mother Nature and her desire to make sure it was special! HOPE IT WAS HAPPY, SARAH. Take care, seriously, take care.

Anonymous said...

We felt the earthquake here in Pittsburgh as well! Also, a belated Happy Birthday to Sweet Sixteen Sarah! I hope God continues to bless your entire family!

Linda in Pittsburgh