Saturday, August 27, 2011

An Exclamation Night

Doing well here. Wind is picking up quite a bit (gusts to about 40 mph) but we still have electricity and I see no limbs down.

Slept well till about 2 am and then woke up thinking about everything I needed to do to get ready to go the church. (We’re leaving within the hour.) The worst of it isn’t supposed to hit till early afternoon so we figured that getting there by 9 am or so should be sufficient.

It’s just hard to know how to plan because (best case scenario), we could keep power, have minimal flooding and be back in our undamaged, air conditioned house by bedtime. Or (worst case scenario), we could be stranded over there for several days, depending on downed power lines, trees across the road, major flooding, etc. As much as we would (very much) prefer being stranded in our own home, we still think it’s safer to hang out over there.

As the woman of the Smith house, I was lying in bed all night trying to think about packing food for (possibly) several days and also knowing that some of that time could very well be sans electricity. I would just drift back to sleep and think of something else (sandwich meat!) then fade away and think of something else (ramen noodles!) and turn over sleepily and remember phone charger! dry shampoo! chew bones for Snowy! hand sanitizer! can opener!

Every time an exclamation point hit my brain, I’d bounce awake and ponder that particular item for a while. It was such a lovely way to pass the night.

Before I go, thanks to everyone who stopped by to check on us yesterday; I’ll try to keep you updated throughout the day.

And by the way, Jodi D. came in at 999,999 last night—the nearest person to the 1 million mark! Jodi is a long time friend of Smithellaneous and we’re happy she gets the V.I.V. Award. (Very Important Visitor.)

Okay, I’m off. . . (dog food! brownies! flashlight! oatmeal! water!)

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DawnK said...

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully you will be back in your own bed tonight! Keep safe!