Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Fury of Nature

Wow. Just wow.

If a Category 2 hurricane is this bad, I don’t even want to think about ever having to experience anything stronger. We have sat for these past hours and watched rain pushed sideways and trees flailing and twisting until one wonders how they can possibly stay on their feet. We’ve heard roaring and rustling and shrieking and seen a gray, moody sky stretch out forever.

And the truly astounding thing is how long this has all been going on—at varying levels of intensity, we’ve had continuous rain and strong winds for at least twelve hours.

At first, it was sort of exciting and adventurous to have a front row seat on nature’s dramatic display but now there’s a good bit of storm fatigue setting in, accompanied by the knowledge that so many tens of thousands of people will be impacted by this event for weeks to come.

I, for one, would love to be able to go home and sit on a quiet porch and look out at the serene, undamaged Manteo that I’ve come to love.

But unfortunately, as the storm continues to violently accost our little island, it doesn’t seem like that scenario will happen any time soon.

I’m thankful though, that in the midst of this awful storm, we have stayed safe and protected. And I am comforted to know that storms never last.

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Rebecca, uk said...

My thoughts are with all affected - I keep checking my blogroll for you so keep posting to let us know all is ok :-)

I've seen on the news it may affect weather in Scotland, uk - wow! Must be very bad!

Keep safe!!

Rachel said...

I was just checking for an update and there it was!! I'm glad you are all still OK, but I don't envy your adventure. Hope things start to clam down soon and you can go home. Do you have an answering machine? I used to call mine when I was out of town to see if the power was on if I knew a strong storm went through. Now I have a wireless webcam (no computer needed) - which is worth its weight in gold (but thankfully, was only about $100). :)

Guerrina said...

So glad to hear you are all well! I hope you have power, too, as they are saying close to 1 million without it. Was successfully riding out a hurricane on your bucket list by any chance? No? Add it quick so you can check it off!

A couple of hours ago we started getting some of the drizzle from the outermost bands up here in CT and have done our best to prepare for outages which our power company has made many phone calls telling us to expcect outages for a couple of days. Nice of them, huh? It is predicted to hit us as a Cat I and the major issues are storm surge and downed power lines.

If I still have power in the overnight, I'll update you from CT!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are all weathering the storm ok. My son and daughter-in-law are in VA, but it looks like it's not going to be as bad there as previously thought. The hurricanes we've had here in AL have all been really fast-moving, but this one seems to just be lingering. I hope it's out of there quickly!

Gayle in AL

Bec said...

SO glad that you are safe. A hurricane would be an amazing thing to watch but so very, very scary. Poor Snowy! Clearly very traumatized :)

Anonymous said...

I am hoping by now or very soon you will be headed home and there isn't too much clean up required. That you also have power and a/c! I have never watched the weather channel for as long as I have the past two days. Chlorita and I look forward to seeing the Smith's again in October. I am looking forward to cooking dinner for you, since it is something I enjoy so much!

Cindy from Sonoma

Anonymous said...

Have been keeping my eye on the weather map to see how your area is holding up! I'd say all things considered the Smith Fam is doing okay and hope the same can be said for your household :o)

Stay dry and safe xoxo


brooke r. said...

for some reason i'm not worried about you there. i guess it's because i know how many hurricanes those trees have been through in their lives. i also think about my grandparents and great aunts and uncles, and the generations before them and about how many hurricanes they all went through in hampton roads, currituck (i LOVE saying that word), coinjock (i LOVE saying that word too), and on the outer banks, and how they all came through the other side. okay, we may have lost one or 2 - not to my knowledge though, but if we have, enough have survived to produce the huge amounts of people that call them relatives, loved ones, and ancestors today.

so, all my sap aside.. i know you'll keep safe, and trees will fall, but there are a whole bunch that have only become stronger because of all the hurricanes they've been through.. oh, wait, that's starting to sound a little preachey.. you know, trees = people, hurricanes = trials. people become stronger because of trials. that wasn't my intended point..

i'll shut up though, and let you know that i am praying that those strong trees are the ones near your house and everyone else's house.. and that your little island, along with bodie, hatteras, ocracoke, stay strong.. as well as hampton roads, and the rest of the east coast as well.. especially, after y'all there in northern NC/southern va, portsmouth, ri. there's a grave there with 2 great grandparents, 2 grandparents, and one dear father of mine in it that needs to stay safe.

brooke said...

oh my goodness! the whole "maybe we've lost one or 2" was SO not sappy.. argh. sorry about that. my lousy excuse? i was thinking back to how it looks like we can track my mother's line back to the 1600's in currituck/coinjock and how i'd be surprised if my family line *didn't* loose one or two people during a BIG, cat 4/cat 5, hurricane, especially during the 16-1700's time period. i'm really sorry that i sounded crass and then said i was being sappy. the sap was me thinking about all my loved ones and that area. *sigh* i didn't translate very well.

Anonymous said...

Norfolk flooded. UGH...over it. Wish Irene would just go out to sea! Afraid to walk out our door because 100 year old trees on our block have been swaying all day.
But....we have power, our sump pump is working, the 2nd sump pump is also working so our house is staying dry!
Blessings: storm was downgraded last night to a grade 1......Wasn't nearly as bad as forecasted.....WE HAVE POWER!!! ....have a generator we can share with our friends who don't have power....swaying trees are still standing (although mother nature has done a great job pruning the trees!_) is a mess but we can deal with that tomorrow if the roads are no longer flooded....our friends and family are all well! So blessed!