Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Few Comments on Recent Comments

Okay, as if my fingers aren't already bruised and bleeding from the world's longest blog entry(see below), I thought I would comment on a few of your comments.

And then Steve and I are going to the gym (yuck) and to a movie. (yeah)

And somehow I managed to NOT get groceries again today so I have no foggy idea what we might eat for dinner again tonight.

You might be thinking, "Well, maybe you should be getting groceries right now rather than writing!" And my answer is, "Naw."

Okay, on to the comments:

Sarah wrote and said she looked in HER fridge and saw only, "olives, ice cream and a hamburger bun." I think she has me beat in the bare fridge category. Although actually, I DO think that ice cream would do very nicely for breakfast, Sarah. I'd eat it in a skinny minute. (Or maybe not so skinny minute but you know what I mean.)

"Anonymous" asked if this picture (second from right) is of a younger Sarah. It sure is! It's kind of fun to see an old photo of Sarah that I've never seen before. I actually had to ask Sarah about it, to confirm it was her and she said, "Yes, I remember that ugly funny pack." Can't argue with ugly fanny packs!

And then
Sue G was giving Pam D. a hard time because Pam wrote, "Happy Father's Day to Steve.. having actually met him (and even shared olives with him!), I can attest to his fineness and wonderfulness. You are certainly fortunate.. but then again, so is HE.. so it's a never-ending circle of good fortune. And don't you ever forget it...."

Sue said, "Isn't it just like Pam D to let us know AGAIN that she has met Steve, you, and Sarah???? Such a name dropper. Or, rather, an event dropper."

And Pam responded, "Sue, if YOU met royalty, wouldn't YOU throw it out there every chance you get?"

I tell ya, Pam and Sue need their own TV show! And I bet when the day comes when they DO actually meet (and I have no doubt it WILL come) that there will be plenty of wild and wacky conversation floating around!

Actually, I was sort of glad Pam DID make the comment about Steve because it occasionally occurs to me that I say such nice things about Steve that some people might think, "Oh for crying out loud. No one is THAT wonderful."

Thanks Pam, for confirming that Steve really is a great guy! And Sue, Pam has MY permission to throw around the fact that she met us any ol' time she wants! :-)

And lastly, Guerrina asked if "unspiring" was a new word. (I accidentally mispelled "uninspiring" in my post.) I actually sorta like "unspiring," though. I think it's a cool word which kind of describes how I feel right now--sort of half way between inspiring and uninspiring.

Lastly, I would just like to thank EVERYONE who takes the time to post comments;you always make the time I spend here at the keyboard writing feel extra worthwhile and I appreciate you all.

Okay. Off to the (sigh) gym I (sigh) go. Sigh. Can you sense how unspired I am?

15 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

Sue G said...

wouldn't you know I haven't had time to check back in the guest book to see if and what Pam responded...and here you have done it or me. So, thanks, Becky. You understand, of course, that now that you took HER side (publicly, no less) that you and I are no longer friends. You get that, right? That's it. Over. Finished. Done.

Which means that when Pam and I get our own TV show, you will NOT be one of the writers.


(And now I am off to an onc appointment. Talk to you soon.)

Sue G said...

er, for me. See what happens when I publish without previewing. Geez.

Pam D said...

Hmmm... dear Sue, did you READ my entry before you wrote this? I think I might have been nice to you.. because I loves ya and everything. And Becky... the definition of unspired is the church down the street after the tornado came through. Am I right, or am I right?

Sue G said...

Nope, Pam D. All I got a chance to read was the quote that Becky put in the post today. I haven't found your original response yet.

Is Becky causing trouble again????


Sue G said...

Okay, just found the post and the response. The full response.

BUT, Pam, you did know I was teasing in this first guest book musings up on this very comment page, right? You do get my sense of humor, right?

Did I do something that I need to apologize for? I'm really good at asking for forgiveness.

I get lots of opportunities. :-)

Pam D said...

What???? You, teasing?? (I'm speaking to Sue G here, because we have obviously and totally hijacked Becky's guestbook. So the rest of you may as well just head over to Sarah's Spot, where it's nice and peaceful. JUST KIDDING!!! like Sue, right? Right, Sue? You kidder, you... ! *wink* Of course I knew you were kidd'n, but I also knew you didn't read my comment! Due diligence, my friend... it's very important.
Becky, so sorry that we cannot keep our love spats out of your guestbook! hee! I know you love it... and do go check out Sue's comment on my latest post, because it's priceless!
group hug.....

Beth said...

I hardly ever write comments, but I do enjoy reading Smithellaneous and Sarah's Caringbridge site several times a week. Thank you for sharing your family's life with us!

soccer6 said...

I too think that Steve is a great guy and dad. Anyone who will share his olives with my 4 year old is a keeper in my book. So there Sue, I've met 'em too! ;) Hear that? It's names dropping. Steve, Sarah, Becky, and EVEN Snowy! But seriously, Pam gets bonus points for tracking down to downtown Atlanta to meet the Smiths.


Sue G said...

Oh, Vicki, I wanted to like you so much. But you leave me no choice.


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