Thursday, June 25, 2009

Groceries, Questions, and Toilet Paper

Steve and Sarah left for the grocery store at 3:35 pm yesterday afternoon.

I made doubly sure I had the telephone near me before sitting down with my computer. It didn't take long.

Call #1 from Steve:
Q. They're having a big sale on your favorite drink; shall I get some even though it wasn't on the list?
A. Yes!

Call #2 from Sarah:
Q. How many onions should we buy? And what color? White, yellow, or red?
A. Two. One yellow, one red.

Call #3 from Steve:
Q. You have grey poupon mustard on the list but do you really need that kind or can I get the brown spicy variety?
A. Since I NEVER eat mustard he got do whatever he wanted!

Call #4 from Sarah:
Q. They have four kinds of Rotel tomatoes--Mild, Mexican, Hot and Original. Which kind should we get?
A. Original

Call #5 from Steve:
Q. Do you want the foamy hand soap or the regular hand soap?
A. Regular.

Call #6 from Steve: (Talking really high to disguise his voice as Sarah's so that I wouldn't get annoyed with him for calling again. I was, of course, totally fooled.)
Q. What size tortilla shells do you want?
A. The smaller size.

Call #7 from Steve:
Q. What kind of toilet paper should we get?
A. Now THAT is a good question because, of course, the options are endless. There's Ultra, Ultra Strong, Ultra Soft, Charmin With Aloe, Charmin With Lotion, Large Roll, Big Roll, Giant Roll, Scented, Unscented, Basic, Charmin Plus, Diamond Weave, Septic Safe, and Plus.

I told him to take two aspirin and call me in the morning. (ha.)

At any rate, they finally made it home with victorious, albeit weary, looks on their faces and put all the groceries away for me. Aren't they simply wonderful?

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Anonymous said...

Funny!! I see men never hanging up their cell phones while shopping, because they have to ask about every single item. I make a very specific list and then say, "Do your best, and don't call me." I am so supportive!

Raleigh, NC

Anonymous said...

How great! Congrats to Steve and Sarah for stepping up and helping out with the grocery shopping! And I have to ask... did Sarah put the toilet paper away?! :)

Nancy said...

Ahhhhhhh gotta love the newly named shoppers :-). Thats why I, if I am able, to go to the store because my family would call me a billiion times.
I love your updates and pictures Becky, They always make me smile on the bad days.

Marysienka said...

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one struggling with the brand of TP to buy hihihi ;)

Jennifer said...

Ha!...and even posed for the obligatory blog photo afterwards...what good sports!!

Pam D said...

Wow.. they did SO much better than I thought they would! Woo hooo! And really, all of the questions seemed quite reasonable and necessary (honestly, you know you need Rotel, so you write it down. And if YOU are getting it, you know what to get. But now they've started adding all these variations... it makes it so hard!). Loved the story and pics.. next time, though, you need to send Sarah with her video cam. I can see a great little movie coming out of that!