Sunday, June 21, 2009

Gripping, Fascinating and Scintillating

Greetings and salivations! (Or is that "salutations?")

We just got back from Charleston which was a 525-mile round trip. I am happily exhausted and will head for bed (wonderful bed!) very shortly.

Tomorrow morning I have a pulmonology appointment in Raleigh so that will take part of the day but I'm hoping for a good chunk of time to write up our weekend. It was rather--er, interesting. (Good, but interesting.) Also, "challenging" and "stretching" are two other words that come pretty quickly to mind.

The good news from the weekend is that my voice was even stronger this time around than it was in the concert we did last month which Steve and I were very thankful for.

Although Nathan is still in Florida, he did remember to send a Father's Day card to Steve; the envelope said, "Mr. (Dad) Steve Smith." (smile) Nathan also called Steve today; I was very proud of him for remembering. Nathan obviously has inherited his dad's gift of thoughtfulness.

Okay people. Tune back in here tomorrow for a gripping, fascinating and scintillating tale about our gripping, fascinating and scintillating journey.

For now though, I'm goin' to bed!

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Pam D said...

I would think that the "Greetings and Salivations" line would belong to Snowy.. wouldn't you? So glad to hear a positive tone in your "voice" (you DO have a writing voice, you know). And looking forward to details... it does certainly sound gripping! Happy Father's Day to Steve.. having actually met him (and even shared olives with him!), I can attest to his fineness and wonderfulness. You are certainly fortunate.. but then again, so is HE.. so it's a never-ending circle of good fortune. And don't you ever forget it....

Nancy said...

I knew in my heart you would sing beautifully today. :-) I"m so happy for you. I cant wait to read oneof your many more journies. I know you are nervous about the pulmonologist. But it will be alright
Love you

Anonymous said...

Is that Sarah, 2nd from the right?

Sue G said...

Isn't it just like Pam D to let us know AGAIN that she has met Steve, you, and Sarah????

Such a name dropper. Or, rather, an event dropper.


Waiting rather patiently for the facts behind the positive tone in your post. Take your time. Anytime today is fine. (Magnanimous. That's me.)

Also praying that things go well today with your appointment.

Tube Girl said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my page - I am still new to blogger and finding a comment below one of my posts still really excites me!
I have been following Sarah's story for a few years now and of course I remember the Vomit Girl cape! I don't have a TG cape - but my very artsy fiance drew me as Tube Girl complete with a cape and of course ng tube :-)! Hope all goes well with your appointment today!

Pam D said...

Oooh, that DOES look like Sarah.. ! And Sue G, if YOU met royalty, wouldn't YOU throw it out there every chance you get? Hah! Hmmm... I COULD say that I talked to YOU on the phone for quite a while.. that was a lovely experience, too, my friend! And someday, I hope to meet you in person.. it would be even sweeter if it was us with the Smiths and some of the other PGC faithful! We need a reunion! (wait.. I suppose it can't be a REunion if we've never met, can it?) We need a ...????? hmmm, union sounds weird. We need a festival? A hoopla? What DO we need? (and Sue, don't you DARE say that I need a shrink.....!).

Sue G said...

Okay, I looked for your response under the Father's Day post instead of this one, so, no, I never saw your response to what I said. No short term memory, remember???

And, yes, Pam, what you said was very nice. I wouldn't expect anything less from you! Since you are very nice.

Very nice, indeed.

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