Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Three S's

I haven't "gotten around to" doing the grocery shopping three days in a row, and now Steve and Sarah have offered to do it for me! Is that nice, or what?

It would sure be fun to sneak into the grocery store and follow the two of them at a distance; I'm sure it would be a very amusing sight as they peruse the list and try to make the bazillion choices that we women have to make all the time.

Let's see here:

36 oz. or 52 oz? Store brand or name brand? 80/20 fat content on the ground beef or 70/30? Which of the 2,398 kinds of cereal do I choose? Should I choose sliced turkey or ham for lunches? Will the family shoot me if I buy frozen peas yet again? What brand of paper towels are on sale? How does this "price per ounce" compare with THAT "price per ounce?" Idaho potatoes or Yukon Gold? Blueberries, strawberries or cantaloupe for our "fruit of the week?" How many times have we had fish sticks in the past month? Is Steve out of popcorn? And most importantly, "Have they invented any calorie free chocolate yet?"

Ah yes. The joy of it all. And today, Steve and Sarah will have their little ol' eyes opened to that rich experience and will come home in great exhaustion and much more respect and appreciation for the family's Designated Grocery Shopper!

I am usually not so behind on my grocery shopping but I must say that the weekend in Charleston just wore me slap out. I took a two hour nap yesterday (which is highly unusual) and dragged around the house looking like, well, a woman dragging around the house. My voice is all ragged and hoarse again today and I feel like every ounce of my energy supply was sucked out by that wonderful but tiring sojourn on Sunday.

You know, we used to travel and sing like that all the time (for fifteen years) but it has occurred to me that doing that sort of thing in your twenties and thirties is just a teensy bit different from doing it in your late forties and early fifties. And with my throat, lung, and muscle weakness issues--well, I think I jolly well DESERVE a day or two to recover.

Which is why I truly appreciate Sarah and Steve braving the grocery store on my behalf and being such wonderful people in general.

And last night, Steve even did the evening reading with Sarah (Sarah and I usually take turns reading a chapter) so that I could rest my voice and my person. Although we usually read in Steve's and my room, I sent them off to Nathan's room for the session since I was going to bed early.

But before going to bed I, of course, had to snap a few pictures. What really strikes me funny about these photos is the way that Snowy is looking at me in every single shot. It's like he doesn't quite trust the wild woman with the mysterious silver colored, flashing object in front of her face.

Or maybe he thinks I'm going to grab him and carry him off. Either way, he did not ONCE take his eyes off me.

Don't you just love that cute little (suspicious) face? I also love the other two faces in the pictures, as well.

Steve, Sarah, and Snowy. What a blessing it is to live with The Three S's.

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Pam D said...

Steve looks a bit "relaxed" in that pic, too! I do love reading with my boy... whether he reads or I do, it's a special time between parent and child (and suspicious, loyal guardian, as well). You'll have to update and let us know how the "S&S Shopping Adventure" turned out! I imagine there will be at least one funny thing to come out of it...

MaryH said...

It is always fun when my daughter accompanies me to the grocery store - she spots things that I would have never seen because I get in a grocery shopping rut - mainly because I just want it finished - sometimes I just try and relax and stroll through the place and have found it to be fun - other days I look like a mad woman with too many choices, not enough ideas and/or cash and can't wait to be free of the place - but the worst, the absolute worst, is hauling it all in the house and THEN putting it away - only to realize the main item I was going to buy was never purchased and I turn around and GO BACK!!!! ARRGGHHHH. Oh well, we have to eat, right? I, too, am looking forward to a S&S shopping report. As far as Snowy goes, I could just scoop him up! What a cutie (a suspicious cutie) but a complete white ball of cuteness. He just loves to be in the middle of it all.

brooke said...

becky - what is sarah reading?

Sue G said...

I LOVE to go grocery shopping. Some days I go to four different stores in one day, getting specialty stuff at each store. I miss the grocery stores in Chicago because certain brands or products are not sold here in the wild, wild West. Ridiculous.

And, yes, I agree with Pam D. Steve seems to be "listening" with his eyes closed. I "watch" a lot of television like that...and then Brooke fills me in on what I missed.

Guess I "listen" with my eyes more than my ears.