Monday, June 22, 2009

Pulmonology and Leftovers

Hi all!

I'm still hard at work on the Charleston Story but I did want to let you know that my Pulmonology appointment went fine; there were no actual pulmonary function tests that had to be done this time around (they're only done every other visit) so it was mainly just a matter of reviewing symptoms and meds and a having a physical exam.

I continue to have a "fairly severe, non-reversible, fixed obstruction form of COPD." It's not really asthma because she said that with asthma, the breathing can be restored to normal with the use of albuterol. In my case, the meds make some difference in my breathing but not much; that is where the "non reversible" part comes from. Still no clear idea of what caused it (for a life, long non-smoker) or where the disease is headed but for the moment at least, I seem to be fairly stable at my 60% lung capacity.

Although I felt like it was, all in all, good news, it's still a sobering thing to even have to visit a Pulmonologist twice a year and be reminded that I have "sick lungs." I was already wiped out from the weekend when I drove to the appointment so I'm definitely not feeling overly perky at the moment.

I never did get up the energy required to go and get groceries and so our cupboards (along with Mother Hubbard's) are bare. I'm in the process of contemplating the leftovers in the freezer and wondering which one I can thaw, throw some grated cheddar cheese on and re-bake. (Cheddar cheese covers a multitude of leftovers!)

In other news, Steve talked to our realtor late last week to see where we were on the sale of the house. She said she has our house on FIFTY Internet sites and we have still have had only two showings in six months! She also said buyers are offering ridiculously low prices, sometimes $30,000 less than the asking price and then also demanding the seller pay the closing costs.

Can you say, "Buyer's market?"

The other reason that Steve called her was that our "For Sale" sign keeps disappearing from our yard. A couple times, he's found it in surrounding yards but Saturday it was gone completely and he couldn't find it anywhere. However, when we arrived home Sunday evening, it was right there, lying on our front lawn.

I guess some people don't have anything more exciting to do in life than remove For Sale signs. Hmmm. If they're THAT bored, I could have them come cook dinner for us tonight so I could take a(nother) nap!

Okay. I'd better sign off so that I can work a little more on the Charleston Story and also continue to ponder what delightsome icy lump of leftover I shall deem worthy of being crowned with cheddar and reconstituted, re-baked and re-presented as dinner.

I'm so glad Steve and Sarah aren't picky eaters!

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Pam D said...

Hmmm. It sounds to me as if someone may be trying to sabotage your "house for sale" status. How many houses around you are for sale? Any "by owner"? Any that have the same agent or an independent agent? Just wondering. We have the same issue with "For Rent" signs, and it usually happens when someone else has a house for rent in the area and doesn't want competition. I hope that isn't the case with you, but it really DOES seem odd that you've had SO few showings. (I could ask more questions about what the agent is doing but won't here; email me if you have questions. My hubby is a real estate broker).
As for the lungs... while I hate the whole darn situation, I AM glad that it seems to have stabilized now. It seemed to be deteriorating at a far too rapid clip there for a while, and for it to be stable is good. VERY good. And for you to be able to sing twice in a weekend.. VERY good. Now.. time to pray that the docs are wrong and things are reversible...

Sue G said...

I believe with all my heart and soul that these sudden singing engagements are God's way of not only keeping your lung capacity percentages stable, but also His way of perhaps naturally improving them over time. You know, the old use it or lose it philosophy. And God is seeing to it that you continue to use it at full range even when you are told you are at 60% capacity. Only God!

As for the For Sale sign mystery, could it be your neighbors' way of telling you they don't want to lose you? Or perhaps God's way of telling you to stay put while He works on His plan for you? In either case, the message is that you are loved and you are being protected. Trust it!