Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Widget Thingie!

Okay, my lil sis, Debbie, just signed in and said she didn't SEE a new widget thingie in the left column.

Am I seeing things? Is she NOT seeing things? Does anyone else see the widget in the left column?

Please let me know because either Debbie or I might be losing our marbles and we're both hoping it's the other person.

Actually, let me phrase it THIS way. If you DON'T see the new gadget on the left, sign in and let me know. That would probably be simpler.

And while I'm on the subject, drop on over to
My Charming Kids and look at HER widget thingie. That might give you a better idea of what the whole BlogFrog widget thingie is all about. My goal with this whole thing is to try and create a "discussion forum" here so that one of you can make a comment or ask a question, and then other people can pile on after you and comment on your comment or answer your question. It sounds like a fun, cool idea if we can all just get it figured out.

Whew! This is all requiring a lot of thinking, on TOP of the fact that I am also in the process of introducing Steve to the vagaries of Facebook this morning. My "technical mental quota" for the day is just about used up!

3 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

Sue G said...

Uh oh. The blogfrog is getting swamped right now and is missing from the left side of your page. Something to confuse Debbie even further. :-(

Anonymous said...

Ack! I STILL don't see a blogfrog widget--not here, not at My Charming Kids site. Randy, Mr. Computer Whiz Himself, doesn't see it either, so it's not just me being exceptionally dufus-like.

I'm going to go eat some strawberries. So there.

Deb said...

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