Friday, June 26, 2009

A Happy, Romantic, Lovely, Heartwarming Tale

I have a "happy announcement" to make today! But first, a little happy history behind the happy announcement.  
Take a look at this picture.

See if you can pick out Nate. (Not too hard, is it? He's the kid with the big smile next to the guy in the black shirt.)

Okay, now take a look at the young lady to the far left.

Got that? Good!

This picture is special because it was taken when Nate was ten. Meagan, the young lady on the left, was about twelve.  And it was the first time the two of them ever met.

Now let's fast forward a few years. Do these people look at all familiar?

Here's the story behind THAT picture.

Meagan and her family were in a time of transition after having been on the road as musicians/evangelists for six years, doing the exact thing OUR family did for fifteen years. During their wait to find a pastorate, Meagan's mom, Sheri, worked at First Assembly for six months as an interim choir director. (And did a fabulous job.)

Well, as it turned out, Sheri (who I've been friends with for a long time) asked me one day for a "little favor." She said, "Meagan has been home schooled for all of her teen years and has never been to a formal. Since JCA (the church's Christian Academy) is having their formal soon and Nathan isn't taking anyone, do you think he might be willing to take Meagan, just as friends, so she can have that experience?

Nathan and Meagan were not at all romantically inclined at that point; Meagan and her two sisters hung out with Nathan and Sarah just because the two families were friends.)

I broached the idea to Nathan and he was good with it, so he and Meagan attended the formal together. Which is really funny because he picked her up at their RV which is where her family lived full time. (Exactly the way WE lived all those years.) Just what are the chances that the very first girl Nathan takes anywhere important would live in a camper?

Here's Frank, reading Nathan the (pretend) riot act.

Nathan, Meagan and their "parental units."

So anyway, the formal went fine; they had fun and really enjoyed hanging out together. For about a year after that, they were "kind of" an item but didn't really date each other officially except for lone little "sort of date" going out to eat. (For one thing, Nathan didn't even have his driver's license during that time it made things a bit more complicated.)

Here they are, having fun in our back yard.

Painting our kitchen together. Nice to have "built in" workers!

Then Meagan's family moved to Florida and her dad took a a church near the college. Meagan went off to join her two older sisters at Southeastern University and she and Nathan decided that with the mileage distance and their busy individual schedules, it might be better to bring the semi-serious side of their relationship to an end. And so they did.

Four years passed.

The families stayed in touch and we visited each other back and forth. (Meagan's parents both have extended family near Smithfield so they pass by here fairly often.) Eventually Nathan headed off to Southeastern and started attending Meagan's parent's church while he was there. He remained good friends with Meagan and her sisters and they all enjoyed each others' company.

Now fast forward again.

Nathan has been home from college since December, since his trip to Israel counted as the second semester of his sophomore year. In May, he decided to drive down to Florida to hang out for a week, and see some of his college buddies before they all went home for the summer. As he was getting ready to head back to North Carolina, Meagan asked if she could ride along with him since she has a lot of friends in Smithfield who she wanted to visit.

During the ten-hour journey home, the two of them got to talking. And reminiscing. And talking some more. Throughout Meagan's stay in Smithfield, the two of them continued to have some "interesting" conversations. And then it was time for her to fly back home.

Some long distance conversations ensued. A couple weeks went by and Meagan's parents invited Nathan and another Smithfield friend to drive down to Florida to help with a week of Vacation Bible School since they were short on male volunteers.

Nathan and Meagan ministered side by side for a week and then late Friday night, Nathan had an important conversation with an important someone.

But it wasn't with Meagan.

It was with Meagan's DAD!

You see, Nathan and Meagan are a bit old fashioned and they decided that if they DID decide to date seriously, that Nathan would ask Frank for his permission.

Although Frank made Nathan sweat just a little bit, permission was happily granted.

And now Nathan is officially dating one of the most wonderful young ladies you could ever hope to meet. She's a wonderful Christian, a pastor's kid, has traveled a lot (in the U.S. and in other countries) is musical, intelligent, very funny, and is going to college to be a teacher. (She'll graduate this winter.)

Three days ago, he and Meagan finally (after knowing each other eight years) had their very first official date.


I'm just so proud of both Nathan and Meagan for the way they've waited on the right timing for their relationship, the way they've talked about it and prayed about it and treated it with the seriousness it deserves.

Somehow, in the midst of all this exciting drama, Nathan's one-week trip to Florida has morphed into a two-week trip. He'll return next Tuesday and I must say, I can't wait to see him. I'm so happy that HE'S so happy and he's so happy that Steve and I are happy and we're so happy that Meagan's parents are happy and Sarah is so happy because everyone is happy! And by the way, Meagan's really happy, too!

I told you it would be a happy, romantic, lovely, heartwarming tale.

And it was!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats Nate and Megan! I'll be praying for your ongoing happiness!!!

Just wanted to let you know that I see the widget.

MaryH said...

Congratulations! For many reasons. But most importantly that you have been shown once again what a fabulously wonderful young man you and Steve have raised. I wish there was a world full of men like Nathan. Wow - that is just so cool.

lesley said...

Congratulations Nathan and Megan!!! Very fun and exciting.

Sue G said...

Congratulations, Becky. Little do Megan and Nathan know it, but you have told me that you secretly wished that they would become an "item" for quite some time now. So I suspect you and Steve (and possibly Megan's parents) have been storming heaven a lot asking for this to come to pass.

Seems to me I remember another young couple who knew at an early age that they were meant to...well, let's leave that up to God, the kids, and a future filled with hope and promise.

As for the widget, I know that whenever I post something on it and return to the home page, I see the widget has disappeared and in its place is a little note saying the forum is swamped right now and will be back soon. Perhaps she always looks for it after someone has posted and it is "swamped?"

Or perhaps her browser is doing funny things? it happens. I have a Mac and often don't have the same items on a page that pc users have. Just a thought.

Jennifer said...

I love that story!! Congrats...and how wonderful you still have the "way before we knew it" pictures!! :)

Anonymous said...

Becky I can see it but don't know what to do with it. I"m not good at "twittter" etc.
Glad there's a new romance in the air.

Margie Miller

Anonymous said...

one of my favorite songs to teach my Junior Kindergartners when I first started teaching was
"Happiness is...." (from the Peanuts musical)....

well, I think Nathan and Megan have just added another 'happy' verse! that's terrific!

mrs pam

Anonymous said...

Awe..they are such a cute couple!!
I really enjoyed the love story Becky..I needed to read something like that as my 19year old son is going through a tough time right now because he can't make up his mind which girl he likes best..Mandy or Sarah. I only wish I could pick the one..because no knows who is better for their son than their mother!! My son would disagree though.

Kate said...

Congratulations Nate and Meagan! SO exciting! God's timing is always the perfect timing.

I can see the widget...I use a mac and firefox browser...maybe it has something to do with that?


Pam D said...

I am just so impressed (not surprised, though) at Nate and Megan and the wisdom and restraint that they are showing. Becky, I'd ask you to send me a blueprint so that my Bug will turn out just like Nathan. But, I know in my heart that I already have several copies, in different versions. It is so obvious that God's word is a lamp to your feet and a light to your way, and it's beautiful to watch your children follow that same path, using the same lamp. Congrats to Nathan; blessings to you, Megan. May your path ALWAYS be lit by His one true light.

Tube Girl said...

Love the story - congrats to Meagan and Nathan. Reminds me of how I met my fiance.