Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Could Life Be Any More Interesting?

I was awakened at 5:20 AM by a certain white fluffy dog who was yipping from his kennel with the greatest of white fluffy dog enthusiasm. Sigh.

So . . . since Snowy and I are both up, we figured we'd just settle into our Writing Recliner and get started on a post.

As you can probably imagine, I have many stories and pictures to share from our trip to Wisconsin but there are things going on in terms of our future plans that I need to mention, as well. So for the next week or so, I'll just switch back and forth between the two subjects and try to get everything covered.

I had written in an earlier post that someone came to look at our house last week. We heard back from her yesterday (via the realtor) and she said that although she loved the house, she has decided to buy another one instead because 1) it is closer to her church 2) it is all on one floor 3) it has granite counter tops.

Points one and three, I can certainly understand. However, point two is leaving me feeling a bit befuddled. The description of our house states very plainly that it has two stories. If someone is looking for a house on one floor, why would they look at a two story house?

If nothing else, this whole housing journey will certainly teach us a good bit of patience!

And speaking of patience, I'm sure a few of you have been waiting to hear about what's been going on with our church situation. As you know, we were on the coast of North Carolina August 15-17. On Sunday morning, we preached and sang at a church on the
Outer Banks. Although it was a church without a pastor, we were not really there in an official tryout capacity; instead, we were just asked to go and look over the situation and see if it might be something we'd be interested in.

The church had a lot going for it in terms of creative outreach; they hold tent church services on the beach all summer for vacationers and they also have an incredible ministry to the many international students who come to the coast for the summer to work.

We had lunch with one of the students who was from the Ukraine. Being the curious family we are, we asked him to write out his Cyrillic alphabet for us which was so fascinating to learn about. He kept on apologizing for his English and we kept on saying, "Look. You speak English a lot better than any of us speak Ukraine!"

Here he is with Sarah at the restaurant.

As we left the restaurant, I saw these birdhouses and just fell in love with them.

Another sight I glimpsed was this fella who was studiously ignoring the birdhouses in order to devote himself more fully to examining this car.

Steve is one of the world's most enthusiastic "car lookers;" if there is an interesting car within fifty miles, he will make the time to stop and examine it. And comment on it. And wish he could drive it.

At any rate, we enjoyed our weekend stay at the Outer Banks but have chosen not to return to that church for an "official tryout."

On Sunday afternoon, we drove across the bridge from the Outer Banks to Roanoke Island, an 8-mile long island famous for The Lost Colony. Roanoke Island has two small towns--Wanchese on one end and Manteo on the other.

Our destination was Manteo, an absolutely charming village.

We were put up in a gorgeous hotel.

Steve is re-doing the "fancy folded point" on the toilet paper roll so that Sarah and I can enjoy the experience for ourselves.

Showing off the deluxe coconut lime verbena soap. (We don't get out much.)

The resident writer

We thoroughly enjoyed touring the town and discovering its many charms and impressive features, including a High School that is in the top seven percent of all schools in the nation.

As I wrote earlier, our interview with the Pulpit Search Committee in Manteo went very well and we are now working on a possible date to return to the town for Steve to preach in a service.

Although I can't say I have ever pictured myself living so far from "civilization," the beauty and charm of Manteo go a long way toward convincing me that I would enjoy living there. It is such a different place than the towns across the bridge on the Outer Banks. (Manteo is located between the Outer Banks and the mainland of North Carolina.) As soon as you get to the Outer Banks, it begins to look a lot more touristy with chain restaurants and t-shirt shops but the Manteo leaders have worked very hard to keep the small town charm of Manteo intact. That dedication shows up around every corner.

After reading all of this, you're probably thinking that things appear to be coming together quite well. And they are. But we suddenly have a Plan B to consider.

Just as he was leaving for Wisconsin, Steve got a call from a church in the central part of the state that he had sent a resume to about two months ago. We hadn't heard anything back from them (apart from the acknowledgement that they received the resume) and so we had crossed them off our list of possibilities.

As it turns out, however, after their pulpit search committee went through the piles of resumes they received, Steve landed among their top choices. They are now requesting that he send them a sample of his preaching which means that we could be going there for a tryout, as well.

Could life be any more interesting?

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Ann Martin said...

Not sure where the central part of NC is but either one would be fine with us as long as you are close enough for us to visit. I really like Manteo even though we haven't been there in years. I enjoy the lighthouses! Watching the water is great but I don't go in much. So glad things are happening for you. Sorry about the disappointment with the house. God still has a plan -- just waiting for it to work out is sometimes frustrating. Take care and have a great day. I plan to take my Mama to visit two sister-in-laws about 30 miles away. Her two brothers are deceased and I think a visit would be good to get her out of the house. Love to all.

Unknown said...

Did you mean the central part of NC or the central part of Wisconsin? I am kind of hoping for WI!
Trust me, I know your pains of house selling. Our house has been on the market for a year now and the reasons people have had for it not being the "right" house are very confusing. The last couple that looked at it, LOVED the property and the house but wanted a house that had a living room, kitchen/eat in kitchen in one straight view point. Ours is all open but the kitchen is a little around a corner and they were worried they couldn't see their child as they cooked dinner. I keep telling myself, God has a plan and it's bigger and better than anything I can come up with. I must just be a slow learner of the lesson He is teaching me right now!

Anonymous said...

OOOH! The shore! How like God to open the door to His warehouse of blessings and still we have to make choices! Sigh.

House-hunting - earlier in life we had real estate agents really push us to see a house that did not fit our priorities - "just check it out - you never know" - maybe that's what happened.

Love, Guerrina

MaryH said...

Thank God for choices! Funny, your Dad wasn't in Heaven very long and suddenly Steve's resume ended up on top of a pile???!!! Hmmmm......

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! I found that EXACT mirror (from the inn) at our second hand store last month! I love it! About house-hunters, I don't see why someone can't just make an offer minus whatever it would cost to put granite counter tops in ~ hmmm. Good luck with all the changes! Praying for you! L in AK

Anonymous said...

Sounds like those prayers are working. We'll keep them coming.

Margie Miller

Anonymous said...

...and life keeps you on your toes and when you share it with us, you keep us entertained!


Connie F-G

Anonymous said...

We are headed to the OBX on Saturday for 2 weeks in Buxton...we go every year....originally from eastern North Carolina (and hubby who is a minister) is from Va. Beach...we moved to Carmel, IN 23 years ago (he as a youth minister, now turned sr. minister at same church)....so we look forward to our 2 week vacation on the Banks...we LOVE Manteo, too...so awesome that you could actually live there!
PS - I haven't posted recently, but have had your family in my prayers the last couple of weeks.

Pam D said...

Just keep looking up, Becky. There's been a lot of heartbreak and hardship on your journey lately, and a lot of prayers have gone up for God to please shed a little more light on the road. Now that He has, it appears to have come, possibly, to a fork. Oh joy! I know that in the end, He will make it known where He wants you, and whoever gets you will be SO blessed! (I feel sad for the ones who don't... ). Anyway.. Manteo looks absolutely lovely; even if you don't end up there, you've at least found a new favorite vacation spot!

Anonymous said...

Please don't discount the outer banks of North Carolina without a bit more research....yes there are the tourists 3 months of the year, but you need to consider the other 9 months. Wonderful people, beautiful nature....it is truly God's country.

Marysienka said...

I haven't left a comment in a few days, but I still check in everyday! Being a Canadian, I'm a bit lost in the locations you named, but no matter where you end up living, I'm sure you'll adapt to the new place easily and I *know* the people around will love your family.

Yes, life can be very interesting sometimes...

Sending my best as always,


Our Family said...


This is just me, but we have a few close friends who live on the "Outer Banks" of NC and they love it!

I would not be closing that door so soon, many towns are full of tourists this time of year.

Good luck on selling your home. We just put ours on the market today. We hope is sells quicly so we can head back to the USA!

Sue G said...

Oh, Becky, that lovely island town looks amazing. Very quaint. It's quite obvious that God has definite plans for you and He is just sending you all over so that you can get clear on what you want. He already knows what you want, of course, but He needs you to know you want it before He gives it to you. Clear as mud, right?

And those birdhouses. Beautiful. I particularly loved the two story one with the porch.

Unfortunately, though, I am looking for a single level.


lee@marsheslight.com said...

I work in downtown Manteo and love this charming town! The tourists are here a short amount of time, but the ones I have met love Manteo and all it has to offer. A lot of them end up retiring here. Off season, especially Fall, is the best.

Anonymous said...

Would you post when you will be back in Manteo for Steve to preach? We will be in the area for the next 3 Sundays...would love a chance to hear/see in person! :)
Also, times, etc..
Carmel, IN

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