Thursday, August 27, 2009

School Question

Sue G. asked in the guest book why I had enrolled Sarah in a school when I had said earlier that I would be home schooling.

Yes, I AM home schooling Sarah, but I'm doing it through an online school called Bridgeway Academy which oversees the process, by offering placement testing, record keeping, academic back up and other helpful stuff.

I'm a bit overwhelmed at the whole prospect right at the moment (it's yet another thing to slam into my already overloaded brain) but once we get it all figured out, I know Sarah and I will have a grand ol' time!

And, Sue, your other rhetorical questions are officially going unanswered because if I answered them, they would no longer be rhetorical.

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Nancybratt said...

Jenny is enrolled on a homeschool/online program called NovaNet. She has to do 25 hours of online work a week. Plus 5 hours in the classroom. Sometimes she is overwhelmed, but she adjusted well to it, without the distractions of a regular school

Anonymous said...

I just noticed . . . a breast pump ad? Did I miss something? A special story?

I LOVE the story about brother's car. I do believe that Jesus was laughing with joy watching you! Sometimes we just gotta break out of our molds for a bit ( appropriately)! If your Dad got to watch, I bet he was laughing, too.

Love - Guerrina