Saturday, August 29, 2009

Large Church People

Once again, I remain in my pajamas at 2:30 pm, trying to get up the gumption to have enough gumption to get any gumption.


I've been working on a long post but got bogged down when my brain dug in its heels and refused to take even one more step. (If brains are, indeed, able to "dig in their heels.") So now I'm going to drop back and punt.

I don't actually know what "drop back and punt" means, but I've ALWAYS wanted to try and use a sports analogy in my writing. And now I have!

Does that mean I can go back to bed now?

For a very long time?

I actually did have a funny thing happen to me yesterday that gave me a good smile. Steve and I had been feverishly working on a letter (having to do with our transition) and a line that we had written was supposed to say, "Becky enjoys having large groups of church people over to our home."

However, when we went back later to proof read the letter we saw that what we had actually written was , "Becky enjoys having large church people over to our home."

With all these calories I've been eating lately, it won't be long until I AM a "large church people."

Anyway, I got a good chuckle out of that.

Steve's beeper just went off and so he is headed out the door to go to the hospital. He's on call this week as a volunteer chaplain and has to wear a beeper and be within a half hour of the hospital twenty-four hours a day.

Here he is in his official uniform.

So he's off to offer help and I'm staying at home to ponder the state of the universe.

And finish a blog post. (Which is actually very therapeutic for me.)

We had Sarah's 14th brithday party last night which will be covered on her site in the next day or two. She had a wonderful time (even though it was the simplest of parties) so that made my mamma heart very happy.

Alrighty then. I think that's the extent of my brain power/emotional reserves for the moment.

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Sue G said...

Well, it's 2:30 here in AZ as I write, and I am still in my nightshirt/jammies as well. However, my excuse is that I have been working on the community newsletter all morning/day. A lot of effort for three boring pages. Ick.

Now, I will force myself to dress, deliver the newsletter to someone who will proof read it for me, got to Walgreens to pick up $9000 worth of meds (don't faint, I only pay $33, thankyouverymuch personal choice healthcare), and then return home to undress and sit in front of the tv.

Call me crazy or lazy, but I am just not enthusiastic enough to spend more time than is necessary in 115 degree heat. After four months of this, I am getting a bit done. Just put a fork in me.

Oh, wait, in your present state of mind, that might not be a good thing to say. Please don't put a fork in me...and don't call me Little Susie.

(See you made the mistake of emailing me and thanking me for making you laugh, so now I try to be amusing, and I'm sure all your faithful readers think I am callous, unfeeling, and just plain thoughtless. People, it's Becky's fault. Really it is.)

Love you, Beck.

Pam D said...

Visions of Little Debbies dressed up in Sue G's clothes? Not any crazier than trying (really hard) to imagine what brain's feet look like. In order to have heels, they must first have feet (unless they're like a loaf of bread, in which case their heels are simply the ends of the brain). Got that? I thought not. Why do I use Becky's blog to do MY best blogging? Yet another crazy thing to ponder.
In the meantime.. Becky, it really is OK to sleep a lot, eat things you normally aren't tempted by (large church people.. oh, I am SO glad you proofread! You might want to send it to Sue G for a once-over just in case something else slid by..), and let things "go" for a while. And however long that while is? Is purely up to you. You can either fight grief and be miserable, or you can welcome it and let it do it's work in your heart. It serves a purpose, and when you hurry or ignore it, it can't do the job that it needs to. Blog if you like, or don't. Read.. or not. Definitely hug Sarah... lots. And Steve. And all of us out here will continue our prayers and virtual hugs...and when the weatherman mentions a strange haze in the air near your house, you'll know why.
Love you much...

Sue G said...

I wouldn't have caught the error, Pam D. Since I AM a large church person, I would have just okayed it and then would have waited for my invitation to dinner.

brooke said...

i hope you are being super kind to yourself right now. just giving yourself time to grieve and be. that is just so crucial to what you are going through. fwiw i spent all day thursday in my jammies.

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