Sunday, August 23, 2009

Eight Days in August

Six different beds.

A possible future-altering pastoral interview.

A Sunday service preached and sung at.

A thousand miles traveled by car.

Four airplanes.

A father's passing.

A funeral.

Weariness beyond description.

Endless details.

An enormous family reunion.

Wonderful messages and calls from our Smithellaneous Family.

Gut wrenching tears.

Side splitting laughter.

A last-minute house showing. Accompanied by frenzied last minute house cleaning.

A daughter's fourteenth birthday. (today)

A son's departure for college. (tomorrow)

Packing. Unpacking. Re-packing.

Laundry. More laundry.

All in eight days.

I think I'll go to bed now.

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Anonymous said...

Remember to breathe, Becky! Lord, please bless Becky with a sleep of complete peace, renewal and refreshing.



Anonymous said...

hope you are not too tired to sleep.....mrs pam

Nancy said...

God bless you Becky. I love you all so much :-(

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Sarah!!

And God bless the rest of you, too!

Mary Z

Karo said...

Glad to know you're all home safe.

Lauren said...

You definitely deserve a break! Happy birthday to Sarah. :)

brooke said...

hi becky -
i know i haven't said much, but i've been following what you've been going through and you have been in my prayers a few times a day. i hope the house showing turns out well and that steve gets the job on the coast.

Gail Duncan said...

Sending prayers for some much needed rest for all of you. So glad you arrived back home safely.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!
My thoughts and prayers are with you Becky and family/
Good luck at school Nathan.

Heidi in ND

Beverly said...

What a busy eight days...good and sad. I hope you have a very good nights sleep, full of rest and peace.

Anonymous said...

Rest well, Miss Becky...


Sue G said...

Welcome home.

Ann Martin said...

Hope you have a good night's sleep and rest. Tomorrow will be another teary day with Nathan's departure for Florida. What a birthday for Sarah! She can remember it as a traveling birthday. Praying God's will re the coast position. Maybe now the house will sell as God's timing seems to be coming in place. Love you all. God bless in the days ahead as there is much to do.

Karen C said...

Praying for much needed rest for you. If God's will, do hope a possible house sale (?) and move to the coast (!) become reality for you. Safe travels for Nathan -- we took Will yesterday for his second year at college -- I do believe they were just starting middle school a few weeks ago. :-)

Shannon said...

Happy (late) Birthday Sarah....we share the same day, you are just a little younger. Hope you had a wonderful Birthday!!!!

Anonymous said...

Becky, I am sorry to hear about your Dad..Take care! Alice B.

Susan C said...

Oh, my! I"m exhausted just reading about your packed life.

MaryH said...

Dear Becky, I have been out of the office for several days. I definitely need to catch up on all the journals during this most difficult time. I just wanted to let you know you were never far from my thoughts and prayers and I am very sorry. I know the loss is great. I just wanted you to know that I, along with many, are still in the waiting room with you. God Bless.