Thursday, November 19, 2009


I've had several people ask what kind of beans should be used in the Apple Bean Bake printed below.

It's just a can of beans.

I don't know what kind of "beans;" they're just beans--brown beans that are already cooked and put in a can. (I realize that my helpfulness is amazing.) I usually get the Bush's brand, but really, any brand of "brown beans already cooked in a can" will do.

You might also see them sold as "pork and beans" but I always take the pork out before using them in the recipe.

Okay, now I'm off to edit an eight-page paper that Nathan emailed me; he wrote it for psychology class on the pros's and cons of corporal punishment. I'm sure I'll learn a lot!

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bearie1 said...

We refer to those kind of beans as Baked Beans. Pork and Beans might work as well, but the taste would probably be different. Be interesting to see what the rest of the world calls this type of beans. Elaine

Meg said...

I love to hear that you still help Nathan with his papers in college! I have a 6th grader and he has 3 projects/papers due in the next few weeks. We spent four hours today working on one that is due on Monday. I told him when he went to college, I wouldn't be able to help him with his projects, but I'm sure I will be via e-mail! I never thought how easy it would be for me to help him edit everything with the technology we are blessed to have! I can just see us e-mailing one another with bits and pieces of the paper and getting it all put together. A mothers work is never done! I love it! :)
I do know that if I had google when I was in high school I would have never made anything less then an "A"! Makes me ready to go back to school!

Megan (in Wilmington)

Anonymous said...

I call them baked beans, too, although "my" baked beans have far more in them than the canned baked beans do. BUT... I made Becky's beans tonight (used a Honeycrisp apple, and it was SO good!); I used Bush's Griller beans in the bourbon and brown sugar flavor. Because I already had pork chops and carrots (the roasted carrot recipe that Pastor Ryan had today at Pioneer Woman.. oh YUM!) in the oven, I left the apple/bean mixture in the skillet and just let it simmer while the other items cooked. My boy pronounced them as "the best beans EVER!" and ate two helpings.. and my hubby, who is VERY picky about his baked beans, loved them! The recipe now resides in my "favorite recipes" notebook... a new family tradition at our house. Thanks, Becky!
p.s. I didn't have molasses, but I did have "raw" or "turbinado" sugar, which has the flavor of molasses, so I used that and it was perfect!

Anonymous said...

I call them canned baked beans - as opposed to homemade baked beans. Hope you can share some of Nathan's pros & cons. Love ~ Guerrina