Friday, November 20, 2009

Nary An "Oo" To Be Seen

As if moving and packing and changing our entire lives is not stressful enough, I am also experiencing Majorly Frustrating Computer Issues. Meaning that my computer --an ancient, elderly, overly used laptop--is behaving in a worrisome manner and could very well pass away at any moment.

May I just say right here that this is not a good time to be having Majorly Frustrating Computer Issues? I realize that no time is a good time for MFCI, but right in the middle of a move is even less of not such a good time.

Sigh. If I should suddenly disappear from the Blogosphere and you don't hear from me for the next three years, please send out a search party. Also, be aware that that will mean that the aforementioned ancient, elderly, overly used laptop breathed its last. And died. Right in Nathan's bedroom. Right in my lap. Right in the middle of our stressful move. Right in the middle of my needing a computer to keep my Smithellaneous Family updated, uplifted and up . . . well, I can't think of another "up word." Just fill in the blank with whatever "up word" comes to mind.

Speaking of computers, I spent an hour and half on the phone (and on my computer) with Nathan last night helping him edit his big paper. I must say (forgive me for burstin', braggin' and boastin') that he really is a fine fella and a fine writer.

Just thought I would show you all the trophies I've given him over the years for being such a wonderful son. (Oh wait. Those are sports/academic trophies from school. My bad.)

My contribution to the project was to help him through some grammar/punctuation/word flow issues and also to ask him leading questions about specific ways he expressed certain things to see if he could find a better way to write them.

We argued over word choices and then we laughed abut those arguments; we discussed theological points and we covered socioeconoomic and socioemotional issues as they related to the subject at hand, which was corporal punishment. We delved deeper into that topic than I have ever delved before and by 10:30 pm, after an hour and a half of deep delving, my brain had pretty well used up all of its deep delving powers for the day.

But it was nice just to spend that much time talking with my favorite son--teaching him and learning from him, in equal measure.

Hard to believe that tomorrow morning at this time, Nathan will be sleeping under this very roof! Woo-hoo! Yahoo! Wahoo! (Why is it that so many happy words end with "oo"? Hmmm.)

Have you noticed that the phrase, Majorly Frustrating Computer Issues has nary an "oo" to be seen?

Hmmm. Again.


A few photos of The Fine Son, Nathan and The Fine Son's Fine and Fab Girlfriend, Meagan.

I'm not sure if I've ever posted this picture before but it's Meagan, Nathan, Sarah, and three other travelin' siblings. We met the other two families at a restaurant for dinner one night, about a year after Sarah's transplant. Between all three families, we had a sum total of about thirty years, living on the road. Full time. With our families. Believe me, we had a LOT to talk about.

I just think it's fun to see Nathan and Meagan in their earlier days, before they were "romantically involved."

I love this series of photos. Nathan was waiting for Meagan to get done taping the wall so he could get over there and start painting.

First he utilized The Stare.

Then it was The Snapping of the Fingers.

And finally, The Whistling. (Of the Jeopardy theme song.)

I just love how she ignores him through it all. Way to go, Meagan!

Lastly, a smile-producing picture of two smile-producing young 'uns who I'll be seeing in just sixteen hours! Woo-hoo! Yahoo! Not to mention, wahoo!

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amysahoot said...

I have on staff at my house a certain husbandly computer doctor. Don't know how much that will help you out though since I live in Missouri, but I feel the pain of the elderly computer. Well "she" isn't elderly yet just middle age but a bit slow, and yes my computer is a she because her colour is pink. Nothing better than a pink computer in my pink loving mind.

Mommy! said...

Forgive me if you've already answered this, and I missed it, but you posted before about how Nathan needed to declare a major. What did he finally decide to major in?

Anonymous said...

They are such a cute couple. Young love is so awesome. Then as you get older it remains awesome as the bond grows stronger for one another.

I have been with my husband since I was 16 and he was 18. 11 years already. Times sure does fly by.

It is so wonderful that Nathan has such a great example of how awesome love/partnership is from his own parents.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.

Rachel (North Dakota)

MaryH said...

Hope all are together and ready to travel, or are traveling, to your new home town and you can show it off to all - have a glorious, peaceful, joyful weekend together - Congratulations, Steve!