Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Planet Rug

Steve and I spent 2.5 bajillion hours yesterday looking at rugs for his church office. (And yes, the couch we looked at from Craigslist worked out great and we have it in the back of our van, ready for transport to the church this weekend.)

So the couch was easy. The rug? Not so much.

Rugs are complicated. They have moods. Colors. Patterns. Shapes. Ambiances. Implications.

Do we want a rug that is creative yet traditional? Wacky yet dignified? Ministerial yet artsy?

And don't even get me started on the choice of colors. Or designs. Or price! (Of course, the more bargainy, the better.)

We can't choose a paint color for his office until we've chosen the rug. And we really want the office to be move-in-able in ten days when we make our Big Move To Manteo. But it can't be painted (and therefore move-in-able) until we get the rug decision made. And we just can't make the rug decision.


Fortunately, Steve and I get a pretty big kick out of making these sorts of decisions. We have loud and animated conversations in the middle of stores and we fling our arms around and make various and sundry Opinionated Rug Proclamations.

We took Sarah with us to one store yesterday and she watched with alarmed eyes as her parents turned into creatures from another another planet, creatures from The Planet Rug.

Her mild mannered mother turned into an expositing rug expert and her sanguine mannered father became even more sanguine in his sanguine mannered manner. She was no doubt hoping that no one would guess that we belonged to her.

Poor child. She's being raised by Wild Rug Choosing Ministerial Maniacs. Better than being raised by wolves, I guess.

Or not.


And just because blogs are supposed to have pictures, here are some pictures. In no particular order, about no particular subject.

Miscellany is good, right? Or should I say, Smithellany?

I should I shall. And I just did.

Okay. Pictures please . . .

Here is a magnet that was stuck on the stove of one of the cottages in Manteo. I laughed out loud when I saw it.

And here I am. Oh yay.

(By the way, I have actually never known how to spell "yay." Does anyone know the correct spelling? Is it yay? yeah? yea? Spelling yay correctly is very important to me, just in case I should ever want to say, "oh yay" again. And I probably will. Knowing me.

And just so you know, there is a recipe coming tomorrow! Oh, (um) yay!

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Anonymous said...

"Ministerial yet artsy?"....LOL
I do believe "yay" is the correct spelling :)

~Kim from Kingston, TN

Anonymous said...

Yes, Yay is the correct spelling. Don't ya just love where you can click to make it say the word out loud? I do! :)

Anonymous said...

I spell it "yay". And I love the magnet; I need one in my kitchen! As for the rug, I honestly thought you were going to say that you bought a rug with planets on it. And that was, for a brief moment, baffling. Thanks for unbaffling me! Can't wait to see what you choose... (maybe let Sarah have a go at it!)

Melissa said...

I know you said once before where you go to make the cool photos of your family, but I can not find it. Will you post about it again. Love to read about your life and Sarah's strong spirit for LIFE!

Anonymous said...

Merriam-Webster online shows yeah and yea, but didn't accomodate yay. I thinks the "Websters" must get it together!

Love the magnet and I really loved some of the "no people" pics. They were almost B&W and reflected many times I've spent storm watching on the coast.

Post pics of rugs and we'll give our comments!

Love - Guerrina

Anonymous said...

According to the Online Slang Dictionary, "yay" is okay unless you're using it to refer to cocaine or the use of cocaine! Apparently known also as "yay". That was a surprise! - Guerrina

Anonymous said...

Tell us more about the couch and the colors that are in it and maybe we can help with the rug decision. Do you want the rug to be the focal point of the room? Do you want it to coordinate or contrast? Will there be art on the walls? What about the lighting-both natural and artificial? Does Steve work best in a calm environment or does it need to be lively? Just a few things to think about.
Have you looked at Home Depot yet?

Sue G said...

Yay is spelled yay. Yeah isn't yay. Yeah is what a teenager says when he/she means yes.