Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rabbit Trailed

It's so funny that a couple of you mentioned that Manteo seemed to be deserted in the pictures I posted. I had never even thought about how those pictures looked. I do want to go ahead and assure you that there actually are real people who live there. The combination of it being the "off season" in addition to the big storms throughout last week made the population a bit more sparse.

Also, in several of the shots, I tried my best to point the camera in a direction where there weren't a lot of people since some folks might not like having their picture taken by a strange, camera-wielding woman.

Here are a few more pictures from the weekend.

For some reason, I just loved the way this laundry looked when framed by the porch. You so seldom see clothes on a line anymore; I thought that I should commemorate the occasion!

I posted this photo on Sarah's site but wanted to put it here, too. All the teens who went to the youth convention on Friday and Saturday got up in the service on Sunday morning to talk a little bit about their experience. Steve and I were so proud of Sarah for being so poised and articulate in her remarks.

We haven't heard her do anything like that in public in a long time and we were both amazed at how far she's come. (And yes, we're allowed to brag a little bit; parents get a "Right to Brag Certificate" on the day their babies are born.)

Here is an inspiring view of my "Packing Of The Smith Food Pantry" on Friday. Just think. Only two more weeks of doing that sort of thing and then we will LIVE in Manteo. We will be Manteo-ers. Can't wait!

This Sunday is going to be extra special because an installation ceremony will be held for Steve as the new pastor. There will be Scripture read, the board will pray with him and he'll be presented with a specially made satin stole with his name, the date he was voted in and the name of the church embroidered on it.

What will make it extra special is that Steve's parents will be there, as well and Nathan and Meagan. Nathan will be playing drums with the worship team so Steve and I are excited about getting to make music with our son again. Meagan will be doing her interpretive signing in the service which is always such a privilege and joy to get to witness.

Okay. Where was I? Oh yes. I was showing pictures of LAST weekend and then I got rabbit trailed into talking about NEXT weekend. (For your information, rabbit trailed is not a word. I just made it up. But I sort of like it.)

Steve with one of our new members; they're wearing hats stolen from the guy's two (darling) daughters.

Sarah snapped a couple pictures of me after church

This is the expression I get on my face when I think about chocolate.

Here's Steve teaching Sarah how to do a bit of breaking and entry. (Nothing like having a law abiding pastor for a dad.) Actually we forgot our key and had permission from the owner to "break in." Unfortunately, the breaking in didn't work exactly like we hoped, so we had to go to Plan B. (If I told you what Plan B was, I'd have to kill you.)

Our charming canine.

The End.

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MaryH said...

I wish I could come HELP YOU PACK! I love to pack for a move - however, I do a lot of throwing away as I pack - it is cleansing. Love all pictures of Manteo - Becky, you have a wonderful photographer's eye. You need to seriously do something with that in your new home. This weekend sounds very exciting and I would love to be able to hear the music and see the parishioners response to the extra special Smith musical talents.

From the picture of Steve and his new found friend (with girls' hats on), it seems Steve may have found himself a soulmate in foolishness - how nice is that!

Anonymous said...

still breathing... so I'm glad you didn't reveal plan B.

Looks like Manteo folks( or at least the hatted gentleman) might welcome Billy Bob
(Is that the right name?) on a 5th Sunday (is that the right day?)

What a wonderful installation that's being planned for Steve!!

Mrs. Pam

Anonymous said...

Whooo.. things are gonna be OK. Cause there are people in Manteo that are just as wacky as the Smith family.. thank you, God! Seriously (in a not so serious way?) .. you NEED folks who can cut loose and be crazy with you, and to already have found someone who will not only WEAR a crazy hat but will consent to having his picture taken in it? Well, let's just say that things bode well for a wonderful future in Manteo...

Anonymous said...

Becky, Your "Packing Of The Smith Food Pantry" reminded me of my own house and I just had to comment...

Last Wednesday, we decided to move to a rented house (from a townhome in an apartment community to a house on 70 acres....couldn't pass this up!).

Due to our current lease and my hubby's schedule, we have to be all moved in by this weekend! That's bad enough...then add me working 8-5 and my hubby's "on-call" schedule (he could get a phone call right now and could gone a few hours up to a week or more!). I don't think I've been this stressed in a long time!!!

Once I get all unpacked and settled...I don't think I want to see another moving box for a long, long time!

Hunker, PA