Sunday, November 15, 2009



What a lovely word.

Once we arrived from Manteo about an hour ago, I carried a few things upstairs and then unexpectedly just collapsed into tears. Weariness, lots of change, living out of a suitcase, newness and oldness all melding and mixing--sometimes the things that Life piles on us can get a wee bit heavy.

I've also been dealing with some physical issues this week end, mainly muscle pain and weakness and extreme stiffness. When I barely made it up the stairs tonight with the small load I was carrying, it was sort of the end of the end of my tired and frazzled rope.

My original plan was to get home and toss my things hither and yon, fall into bed, and stay there as long as possible. However, when we walked in the door at 9 pm tonight, there was a message on the machine saying we have a house showing tomorrow morning at nine.

Now don't get me wrong; I am not complaining. House showings are a very good thing! (We're not sure if it's a second showing for the people from last week or new people altogether.) However, a house showing means everything needs to be completely unpacked tonight, everything has to be perfectly straight and I need to have myself somewhat presentable to the world by 9 am.

I wonder if the realtor would mind showing the house with me still in the bed? I could open one eye, wave, and snuggle back under the covers. That way, I could demonstrate to the potential buyers in a very realistic way how "well" the bedroom works for snoozing purposes.

It's a thought!

Not a very good one, but a thought, none-the-less.

Okay, I am now headed to bed. Much more later . . .

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Anonymous said...

I hope you get a good night's sleep and feel better in the morning. I love the idea of the realtor showing the house with you in the bed. :)

~Kim From TN

Anonymous said...

Prayers that your night was restful and that this showing is productive..

Beverly said...

Oh my...I hope you had a good nights sleep and wake with renewed energy!

Good luck on the house front!

Anonymous said...

I hated those days of "showings". Coming home after a weekend away to find out you have on in the am is not the way to come home. I hope this will be the last showing you have. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I would have kept everything in the car and driven away with it at 8:55AM today.

Hope it's a successful showing!!

Feel better.


randybethmo said...

I am sure hoping you woke up after a good night's sleep to chirping birds and some Happy Home Buyers!!!

Submit your sleeping idea to the realtors association! What a hoot!

Prayers to you for today!!!