Monday, November 9, 2009

Your Chance To Post A Blog Blurb

Just to let you know--I am unabashedly stealing this particular idea from Jon at Stuff Christians Like, a "snort Pepsi out of your nose funny" blog that I love to visit. (Although today's post happens to be a bit serious.) And just so you know, a lot of times the comments he gets are as good as the blog itself.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, Jon invited his readers to put their blog address in his comments area and then (this is the good part!) he encouraged them to shamelessly brag about their blog. (Or at least write about why people would want to visit it.)

I loved his idea so much that I posted my blog there. And I shamelessly bragged. (Or at least I shamelessly described.) And I found some other blogs there that I now follow.

And have I yet mentioned how much I loved his idea?

So here's the deal. In the next couple of days (there's not an official cut-off time) pop on over to my comments section, post your blog link and then post a blog blurb to go with it. And brag if you want. It's okay. Really!

I love the idea of getting to know the blogs of people who visit here and I know I have a lot of readers (with or without blogs) that would sure like to get acquainted with your own personal, wonderful corner of the blogosphere.

Or if you don't have a blog, just post the link to a blog you really love!

Sound like a plan? Good.

Okay. I'm going now. I have a few more empty boxes I need to ignore.


Almost forgot to mention . . . I have my Facebook info over in the right column. I'd love for my blog friends to friend me on Facebook; however, if you do, please be sure to write a little note saying you're from the blog so that I don't think that you're a serial axe murderer which would certainly cause me to run screaming from the room!


This is where we stayed this past weekend in Manteo. It's a different place than our usual spot since our "usual cottage" was being used by its owners last week.

(double click on image to make it bigger)

More Manteo pictures to come . . .

23 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

Anonymous said...

Manteo appears to such a quaint place. Both houses you've stayed in are adorable!

Welcome home!!

Connie F-G

Angie said...

My blog is just a little glimpse into my life as a happy wife to my sweet husband and a busy mom to my three beautiful little girls, but, I must warn you, I'm terrible at updating. But, feel free to come check me out...and visit many of the blogs I frequent (that are listed under "Friendly places" on my page).

lesley said...

My blog is mostly about my daughter who has some type of diagnosis that they can't figure out yet. It seems like Rett Syndrome. Anyway, I also have 2 grown boys, about which I mostly lament, because I miss them so much:)
There is a lot of joy in my blog. I like to post pictures of my 3 great kids!

Jessica Kramasz said...

My little corner of the blog world is mostly about life as a sinner saved by grace, a wife, a mother of a sometimes-surly but mostly awesome teen, and "mom" to three adopted beagles.
Stop by and say hi!

Unknown said...

What a fun idea! I might have to shamelessly copy the idea sometimes, too!

My blog is Better in Bulk (

I am a mom of 5 kids. I write about family and photography, and do giveaways....and lots of things in between!

JJRDsMomy said...

My blog is about my son. Actually, there are two blogs about him! He is a great kid fighting a rare childhood cancer. Here are the sites: and

Maura said...

Fun idea!

My blog is pretty new. It is about our experiences as a foster family. And mostly about the day to day happening with our wonderful foster son who we are so so close to adopting (sometime next months we hope) Stay tuned!

Lulu said...

Thanks for visiting my community and blog. I write about my life as a new grammie to two littles..and what I learned growing up in tie dye and flower power decals. I also love photography and my job as a work from home mom/grammie. There is never a dull moment. Oh..and I have a year old cockapoo named Newman. He's the only child living in our home now. :)

ld said...

My blog began solely as a way to keep a few friends and almost all of my family who live at least 4 hours away updated on the happenings of my family. My son is the first little one to "grow up" outside of our small town and this was my way of letting them be involved. I didn't even know what a big world I was getting myself into! You're welcome to stop by!

Rustin @ BlogFrog said...

Becky is the best!

My blog is . Okay, more of a social network for blogs. Check it out!

Anonymous said...

I'm curious to know what physical aspect of your Smithfield house you will miss/not miss the most and what you are excited about the most with the house in Manteo.

Danette Baker
Spokane Washington

Tube Girl said...

My blog is about my life dealing with multiple digestive problems and feeding tubes. But it is also about my life in general, being engaged and getting married soon, my cats and about trying to live life to its fullest no matter what.
You are welcome to check it out! said...

I love your idea about sharing our blogs and the shameless publicity behind it! My blog started as a way to promote Marshes Light, a new community in historic Manteo, NC. it's evolved more into a photo journal of Outer Banks happenings, things to do, sharing bits of info. I hope you like it.

Sue G said...

I don't have a blog. That's why I write ridiculously long comments on the blogs of other people!

Lisa said...

My blog is well, a mish-mash of stuff. Basically it's a place to share what I've been thinking about or praying about, what I'm grateful for, what makes me think, or makes me laugh. I talk fairly often about mental health issues because of a multi-year struggle with depression that ended in a remarkable moment of healing.

Carrie B said...

My blog started because as the kids are leaving the nest I find myself with time on my hands! So it's mostly about the day to day life I lead as a stay at home Mom with technically one more bird at home while trying to keep tabs on the ones who have already flown and trying to figure out what's next.
I'm at . . . .

Lyndsay said...

I write on my blog about my day to day life as a wife, part-time employee, and mother to my sweet 4 year old daughter. I had ankle fusion surgery last week, so lately that's what I've been writing/whining about!
Thanks Becky!

Marysienka said...

What a good idea!

My blog in 4 words: patient goes to medschool! I write about my journey to become a doctor, with the eyes of a patient that I also am, since I've been dealing with a chronic disease since I was 10. I like to share my thoughts on different passions as well; music, food, photography, family & friends... or just day to day life!

If you do stop by, I'd love to hear from you! Just a small hello will make my day :)

You can find me here:

Naomi said...

I may be one of your only followers who don't have a blog. Not for lack of trying, just lack of time. With 3 boys, 2 homeschooled, 1 disabled, leading the Ladies Bible Study & Ladies Book Club, heading up fundraisers for cancer research, sports activities, daily household responsibilities, etc... I just don't want to commit myself to something that I can't dedicate my entire heart to. However, I am an active blog follower. I mainly check on many children who are in the fight against cancer. Once in awhile I stumble across a blog that truly captures my heart and I fall in love with the family and develop this deep bond with them. Three of the ones I highly recommend are -
I hope you enjoy them also.

girlonwheels said...

My blog has a little bit of everything and anything. It deals with life as a girl on wheels and just regular life.

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